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Riscali works to accommodate your every Architectural desire into one masterpiece. With Artists working alongside highly skilled, in-house ECSA registered Structural Engineers. Riscali seamlessly composes symphonies of structural beauty and visual pleasure, at the leisure of our large base of long-time loyal clients & associates in the building industry. Riscali works quite different to the industry norm, in that we’ve never approached any project “by the book”, and don’t ever intend to do so. Your first meeting with our team will be accompanied by an open invitation by asking you to be comfortable enough to tell us that you like nothing about your first proposal if that should be the case, and most clients do. And we couldn’t be more thrilled! Every time we wipe down and rebuild the drawing board itself is a journey and learning path for us too, and we love it! We have no idea what “the book” says about how to approach clients in a generic repetitive template, reason why to be quite honest, its boring and way too much effort to build a one size fits all approach. We love getting to know our clients too much. If our social journeys with clients is bad for our business, at least we have fun doing it! We have set rates for various designs, and we also have negotiations that vary from client to client, the human factor is very much alive at Riscali, and we have a family legacy stretching back decades in Architecture and Engineering. We are aware of what a commitment and expense it is to build a home, and we want yours to be perfect before the first brick drops the ground. We work with various firms throughout South Africa and even as far as Spain and the Netherlands. We do offer entire package services that include engineering. This does streamline the design process by saving our clients time, the structural challenges are solved without meetings between clients and two appointed professionals. However, if our clients want only a single segment of our services, we happily work alongside other professionals in this industry we love.

Our Work

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Riscali Architects & Structural Engineers

Riscali is a team of profesional, expierienced and young Architects and Structural Engineers. Our Architects and Engineers are aimed at providing provident Architectural and Structural Engineering solutions within the building Industry. Our Architects prioritize the comfort, ease and complete contentment of our clients. Developers and individuals seeking the service of professional Architects and Structural Engineers. Riscali also offers 3D rendering service to other Architects, private individuals, designers and draughtsman. We are all of the personal and professional opinion that Individuals and Firms in the Architecturalindustry ought to be a mutually supporting professional comunity. We therefore also invite fellow Architects ,draughtsman and Architectural Technologists to make use of our 3D Photorealistic rendering products. We at Riscali have a strict internal professional loyalty policy towards co-workers and clients. We always set up legal non compete and non disclosure agreements. When we are subcontracted by individuals and firms in our industry, we have never and also will never take over clients from fellow Architects and other professionals

Here at Riscali our Architects will devote all the necessary time and design alterations until we've put your dream building on paper. Also advising first time builders on all the relevant documentation they would need to submit Building plans to local authorities for approval. We continue to offer Architectural consultation throughout your construction process. Here are some of the services offered by our Architects and Structural Engineers:

- 3D Modeling & Photorealistic Renderings for our clientele and also as mentioned, other Architects and professionals

- Architectural Design & Consulting

- Structural Engineering design & Consulting

- SANS 10400 XA Energy Calculations , also for fellow Architects draughtsman and Architectural Technologists

Structural Engineering

Riscali offers an extensive Structural Engineering & Structural Design services. Prospective customers can simply give us a call or fill out the contact form below for an obligation free quotation. Riscali mostly specializes in Residential Structures. Our Engineering consulting scopes include assessment of the soil of your prospective building if no areal soil data is available. a Custom foundation design for your future dwelling. In the case of double or more storey buildings concrete slabs are designed. This can range from rib and block slab designs with custom concrete beams where required, or solid reinforced concrete slabs. We are however not limited to residential structures. Developers can feel free to use our Engineering consulting expertise for any commercial or industrial projects. Our deliverables also include the interval structural inspections, NHBRC enrollment forms where required.

Eco Architects

Riscali considers itself as an environmentally conscious entity comprising of Architects and professionals that stay up to date with the times. We therefore strive to stay current, not only with current fashion and trends, but also with current social, economic, socio-economic and environmental demands. Therefore we have shifted focus on green development and sustainable Architecture. Green & Eco architecture is an ever increasing environmental demand that our Architects intend to adhiere to. While doing so, we intend to do it with even more fashionable flair, we strive to find the fashion in sustainability

At Riscali, we provide many architectural alternatives to the conventional in order to minimize their carbon footprint; we also assist in getting quotes for certain installations and specialits in your area, connect with relevant professionals that will assist you with the installations of green technology as specified on our drawings. As mentioned previously, we work nationwide throughout South Africa.

By appointing our Architects you would not need to appoint any other profesionals with regards to your building plans. We have memberships to national databases that can acquire all the necessary property information required for us to start the Architectural creation process from a detailed and moulded to requirement 3D model and illustrations, right through to the final building plans and relevant documantation, ready to be submitted to municipal building control.

Our Team

MD/Structural Engineering & Architecture
Jean Marx

Jean Marx-Ubbink

Qualified and Practiced Structural Engineer and Stormmwater management specialist engineer. Also, a part of the Architectural design team, leading numerous Residential Construction projects as well as Selected Commercial and Industrial construction works. Jean is also the MD of the company and handles and distributes incoming Riscali Projects

Creative Director/ Architecture ; Graphic Design
Charl Marx-Ubbink

Charl Marx-Ubbink

Experienced in Architecture and Graphic design, interior design and commercial property planning. Charl specializes in Residential projects, and is also experienced in the graphic design for property marketing of residential developments. Web design, coding and IT. Charl is the Creative and financial Director of Riscali

Professional Architect
Ben Peels

Ben Peels

Professional Architect, Graduated in the Netherlands. With over 65 years of experience in Large and medium Commercial Architecture, Residential Architecture and also Industrial Architecture. He is a part of the Riscali team as a partner in a supervising and consulting capacity.

Professional Draughtsman / Engineering design and Architecture
Jacques Camacho

Jacques Camacho

Experienced in Industrial, commercial and Architectural draughting and design. a Riscali team member as well as the founder of "The Draughting Company" based in Pretoria and the Vaal triangle. Jaques is an integral member of our team in the upkeep of project management, client relationships and communication

Architectural & Engineering Services

Remote Architects & Engineers

Riscali recently decided to take its Architectural & engineering consultations to the internet. The concept idea is to have Riscali available as a web and telephone based platform, We offer Architectural designs and consultations worldwide through teleconference,email and video calls. We hereby make our proudly South Africantalents that are strongly influenced by the vibrant and diverse cultures of our colourful nation

Architects - House Plans & commercial Building Plans

Prospective new homebuilders, homeowners that require building plans for additions and alterations to their existing property and Developers that require extensive Architectural work on large developments will enjoy the benefits of the extensive quality and expertise in detailed Architectural design, as well as our knowledge and involvement in large scale housing and commercial projects.

Structural Engineers

Our firm also has Structural Engineers and engineering resources that will be able to supply engineering working drawings for foundations, floor and roof slabs for multi-storey designs. These drawings will be certified by a Structural engineer Riscali also does civil engineering projects, storm water management, water and sewage systems.

The Architectural design Process

Firstly a cost estimate is given based on basic size estimates, this can be done by telephone, email, a scheduled meeting at our office or at your home in the case of additions and alterations

Once a quote is accepted our Architects start with a first proposal comprising or a detailed and furnished 3D design with Photorealistic Renderings. This initial proposal will then be moulded and altered until complete perfection and satisfaction is reached

Once a completely satisfactory 3D Architectural model is established, architectural working drawings will be drawn up, the final product will then be a set of building plans and professional certification ready to submit to the relevant local authority.

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